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    Free Items

    Giving away free products sounds like a crazy idea. Why would anyone give away free stuff?

    These are legit questions that pop up in your mind when hearing about our campaign, so here is a little explanation.

     Look, it is actually kind of a very smart thing to do for us. Instead of paying for traditional advertising to create direct sales, we're using that budget to cover the costs of our products and offer them for free (for a limited time, of course).

    Here's "the catch"...

    We are sure you will absolutely LOVE our products and show them off. People will ask where you got them...from Treasure Junkiess!

    This will create word of mouth advertising, which is far more powerful than traditional advertising.

    When this campaign is over, these products will return to their regular prices. So the people you refer to us will have to purchase them.

    Makes sense now?

    To give everybody the chance to get a free item, we can only provide 1 free item per customer!

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