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    I have to admit, I am a true treasure junkie for real.

    As a brand and a company, we stand for the idea of always seeking for beauty in things. Inspiration is always on the corner, it’s everywhere if you are open to it, wherever we may be.

    I'd always had a great love for beautiful things. It doesn't even matter what it is. when it's about amazing designer items, some good old vintage pieces or totally new stuff. When I think that something is pretty, I've got to have it! And I am sure you do too!   

    Therefore, I started the company Treasure Junkiess. So I can make other people happy with our founded treasures.

    We are an international company located in The Netherlands. All of our items are carefully collected from designers all over the world, who handmade every piece with lots of love and good care. 

    So, here at Treasure Junkiess you'll find amazing beautiful treasures. Because we wanted to make every single one of you happy with new treasures. We made sure that you got to choose from different fashion styles and prices.

    Hope you'll love it, keep an eye on us and spot your own treasures!