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    Treasure Junkiess is pleased to announce that our new label is a fact!

    Treasure Rookie is our collection that is made of a very high quality. The items of the Treasure Rookie collection are true hidden treasures that are collected from all over the world. 
    A search for the perfect treasures
    The design- and stylingteam collected these beautiful treasures during trips all over the world. Treasure Rookie is a jewelry collection of high quality ingredients. All the items are sterling silver & 16K gold plated and the precious gemstones are gathered from exotic countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka and India. Collect your own style by combining different pieces and lengths. Each unique piece is made by hand and has a different story.
    For Treasure Hunters...
    A Treasure Rookie piece feels like a great gift. Be charmed by a Talisman, a White Gem, a Baby stones, a Little Charm or others! The stones are breathtakingly beautiful, together with the linen bag, where you can save your treasures in.